I observe the interventions of the Obama Administration to restore the economy while preparing for seismic transformation.  I sometimes wonder how this is possible when they behave mostly unaware of the nature of what is changing.  It’s not only about a modified educational system that lifts up minorities and makes the U.S. competitive overseas.  It’s not only about a new, green economy that is sustainable and uses lots less oil.  It’s not only about an economy that is firmly grounded in transparency and accountability with firm regulation offering valued services like health care to all.

It’s not only about getting us up to where the Scandinavians have been waiting for us for decades.

The consumer economy is dying.  The Aesthetic Economy is taking root.

Viewing societal change as a function of the forces that are engaged in the transformation of individual neurology/psychology/behavior, I observe a horizontalization, transparency and diversity surge that has predictable repercussions.  I believe a major matrifocal current is modifying contemporary social structure.  Former hierarchical, secretive, elite frames of reference are falling while horizontal, transparent and diverse orientations are rising.  Yet, at the same time, there is also an integration of these two complementary opposite paradigms.  We are seeing the beginning of that integration on the web.

Obama and his associates seem aware of the need for transparency, accountability and regulation.  These three words, though rare a year ago, are now fairly frequently falling from the mouths of administration officials.  They are but the first step in this integration.

One set of interventions that would go a good way toward supporting a more horizontal, transparent, diverse society offering an integration of the patrifocal and matrifocal frames would be steps that would fund grass roots, people-powered, web-based media, education, aesthetics and politics.

We need new institutions.  Those institutions require government funding of a trend already underway.  That trend is a massive, online, interdependent, personal empowerment movement.  Government subsidy of these four areas will create jobs, encourage high quality information creation and distribution, educate peoples across the country and the world, and create a market for aesthetic productions not unlike the WPA in the 1930s and offer a new political paradigm that fuels citizen involvement.

We’re talking about the transformation of a dying consumer economy into an emerging Aesthetic Economy.

Let’s begin with media.


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