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May 20, 2009 | 1 Comment

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Perhaps my theory of human biological and social evolution integrates biology, society, politics and current affairs in part because my days are spent on the phone, emailing and conferencing with people working within widely varying areas.  I’m in communication with professionals regarding web design, web maintenance, search engine optimization, web marketing, national Left/Progressive organizing, regional events organizing, teaching activists new technologies, discussing evolutionary theory with academics around the world (by email), working with organizations I’m on the board of such as In These Times….  In other words, the scales of experience my theory seeks to integrate reflect the numerous ways my day is divided up as I seek to exercise competency in several widely varying disciplines, changing focus from moment to moment.

In addition, my firm serves over 400 clients in an astonishing variety of businesses and nonprofit organizations.  While maintaining and building skills in web development and website marketing, I have the requirement of developing intuitions for the various businesses and organizations that I serve.  My specialty within my firm is search engine optimization.  It is necessary that I am able to understand all of our clients in the context of the specific phrases required for their website to be easily found on the web.  In my mind, I carry a fairly vast array of word association clusters revolving around search criteria for businesses and organizations in a number of different areas.  Whereas a publicist or media expert might think in terms of pitches or stories, I think about the language conventions people use to find what they are seeking on the web.

This blog receives a small but respectable daily traffic count of 100-200 visitors a day, mostly because it receives very high rankings for the very arcane word clusters associated with the theories represented on the site.  Over time, I expect it will be this avenue that brings in people that have natural affinities with the theory.  The presuppositions of the theory are unorthodox enough that the established 13-page introduction often seems to feel annoyingly unfamiliar to overwhelmed academics.  With over 400 posted entries and over 400 pages on this website, folks are finding this website in a number of different ways.

As divided up as my day is and with my attention assigned to a wide variety of subjects, folks that find me do so through a myriad of doorways, the web providing connections in many ways.


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