Estrogen Paradigm

June 11, 2009 | 1 Comment

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We are all females in the womb until week six.  Almost half of us then transform into the male.

Does estrogen precede testosterone in the global biological parade?  Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny only to a degree.  Does that degree include a single degree of separation between estrogen and testosterone with estrogen leading to testosterone?

The theory of evolution trumpeted in this work, summarized in the piece “Introduction to the Theory of Waves,” outlines an alternative to Darwin’s theory of natural selection when exploring how human beings evolved.  My theory places a heavy emphasis on sexual selection, with human sexual selection hypothesized to be closely connected to individual estrogen levels.  Consider that there is also an alternative way of viewing biological evolution based upon an understanding of estrogen’s integral contributions to biological transformation instead of a focus on the survival rates of various strategies for procreating.

This goes back to the mostly nineteenth century argument between evolutionary theorists regarding what exactly determines the variability of progeny between two parents.  The theory of natural selection stated variability was random.  Darwin later suggested not.  Theorists tended to take one side or the other.  The two camps divided into two views of how the universe unfolds.

One side, those enamored of Occam’s razor, believed that god thinks like an engineer, or, better yet, how god thinks, or if he even exists, is not relevant.  The most elegant solution to a problem, the solution with the fewest steps, is obviously also the correct answer to that problem.  The universe reflects this male frame of mind.

On the other side are those for whom an outcome is more about the journey than the destination.  Occam’s razor is for those who need a shave.  Consider that our world was created by an artist, not an engineer.  A female artist.  A female artist that doesn’t care how fast or efficiently a thing can be accomplished but instead focuses on how elegantly a thing can reflect the larger whole.

Yes, elegance is important.  Yet, elegance without an intuition for interconnection isn’t art, it’s engineering.

William Paley was an English religious philosopher popular in the 18th century who wrote reverently about biology and spirituality.  He inspired a young Darwin and many other biologists of that epoch.  In a sense, the estrogen perspective as seen from this well-to-do, white male point of view was the bathwater thrown out when the baby of evolution was embraced.  The baby has not been bathed since Paley, at least by academia.  We’ve been raising this wolf child of a natural selection theory without the benefit of a woman’s touch, without periodic bathing to keep it clean.

Biological evolutionary theory has grown feral from lack of the estrogen perspective.

For the last twelve years, I’ve been exploring only how humans may have evolved, placing an emphasis on the estrogen paradigm by emphasizing the influence of female sexual selection.  How might our understanding of biological evolution change if we explored species transformation as a function of the female?


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  1. jen on July 15, 2009 1:39 am

    Dear Andrew,
    Hello, I love your mind and your thesis. I am researching for class about the maturation process of females and the consequences of early maturation as evidenced by the last century. My mind was going to where yours has so elaborately has. To me the early materation of females enlists a particular natural evolutionary control representative of their abilities at an earlier age. In addition this releases and directly affects the males ability to relax so to speak. Males will become more inclined to keep females entertained to provide stimulation for their desire, hence the typical male testosterine levels will decline as important to catch a females eye. I like where your are going with this, many insights were gained in reading of material on your site. I will be sharing your site with my class! My initial ask inquery was brain development and sexual maturation of the female ; )
    Thanks for such a great site!

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