If Darwin’s theory of natural selection is the yang of evolutionary theory, focusing on the repercussions of a testosterone point of view, the fight/fuck spectacle of how evolution unfolds, then what might be the yin side of species transformation?

Estrogen seems to perform many functions, but a two-word summary might be affection/evaluation.  What might an affection/evaluation evolutionary theory look like, and how might that integrate with the fight/fuck paradigm?

First, many species do not have mothers that raise their young, or they exhibit females that choose among several males when deciding whom to mate with.  The affection/evaluation paradigm is limited to a portion of the biological world.  I have no idea how large a portion that is, or where on the branching tree of our Post Pre-Cambrian explosion history the affection/evaluation paradigm tends to congregate.

Might we suggest that it is the job of estrogen to proliferate possibilities and the job of testosterone to cull out winners?  This would seem contrary to our fight/fuck affection/evaluation relationship.  It is estrogen during sexual selection that is appraising and picking those that get to pass on their genes.  Consider that estrogen is not conducting an evaluation to limit the number of options but is creating new avenues of genetic opportunity by focusing on criteria without survival utility.  In other words, even when estrogen is declaring winners, it is widening the field of opportunity.

Consider that the Pre-Cambrian explosion may have been connected to an absence of testosterone.

I just Googled, asking which came first, estrogen or testosterone, and estrogen came up a hypothetical winner (click here).

What if there was a time when estrogen was the only hormone in the world?  An almost insane proliferation of biological alternatives would be the norm.  You’d get something like the Pre-Cambrian explosion.

We mammals are all born females, and we spend the first six weeks of our existence as estrogen beings.  (Birds are born male.)

If conventional evolutionary theory suggests the fight/fuck testosterone world view, perhaps it’s time we consider alternative theories of evolution that balance that with an affection/evaluation feel for how the world works.  We may discover it’s not only about survival of the fittest but about creation of that which is beautiful and loved.


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