Darwin’s theory of natural selection has been explored in the context of what authors, ideas, and social forces suggested and guided Darwin to come up with the specific principles of his theory.  At the other end of the influence equation, many books have been written focusing on how that theory influenced other writers, contemporary society and the generations that followed.

Darwin’s other two theories have been offered little of this kind of attention.  His theory of sexual selection, having become influential over the last 40 years, has not compelled the kind of cottage industry of influence divination characteristic of Darwin’s first theory.  Perhaps it is because the female plays such an important role.  Darwin’s theory of pangenesis, the theory where he outlines how the effects of the environment may influence evolution in a single generation, has been ignored.

Society and evolutionary theory are evolving.  A new social milieu is emerging.  Darwin’s theory of natural selection has been examined for how it was influenced and for what it has influenced.  Consider what evolutionary theory may next emerge in this new barrierless, horizontal, transparent and diverse world.

Hierarchy is becoming less effective at controlling resources.  The “might is right” age-old leverage paradigm based on wealth, inheritance, gender, skin color and resource control is giving way to a commons-based perspective.  If Malthus, Smith, Lyell and the emergence of the industrialization of the west influenced Darwin to see biology as mostly a struggle between individuals over time, then how might the world we see emerging impact evolutionary theory?

Expect to see the emergence of radical new ways of interpreting evolution that reflect the horizontalization of society.  As those new interpretations take hold, expect society to be reinterpreted in the context of patterns that the new radical theories of evolution emphasize.

It has begun with the increasing respect offered evolutionary developmental biology.  Epigenetic perspectives offer vast, panoramic visions characterized by a listening to how genetics and the environment converse.  This new paradigm widens the biological sphere of interconnection.  It’s not all about the individual or the gene any longer.  This new biology of interconnection will reflect a society characterized by interconnection, encouraging a new biology/society interpretation.

Biology evolves.  Societies transform.  How we interpret biological evolution and societal transformation changes over time.  We use a single interpretation paradigm to apply to both biology and society.  We are in the middle of a biology/society evolution/transformation paradigm shift.

When our understanding of one changes, so changes the other.

Through a deeper understanding of our social selves, a more powerful, more useful evolutionary theory evolves.


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    On Pure science Wiki, a wiki for the pure scientific method without any interference from academic obsession with prestige, link http://purescience.wikia.com there are the pages “Self-organization” and “Inheritance of acquired characteristics” on topic page “Evolution” describing new theories of evolution that are not focused on Malthusianism. The article “Moderating the Gaia/Medea debate” on topic page “Climate” even provides evidence that evolution must be fundamentally non-Malthusian! The article “Brain” on topic page “Psychology” describes evidence for extreme recoveries after brain damage provided that the environment is tolerant, and applies that to evolution, incorporating evidence for rapid evolution eradicating the distinction between ethnicity and individual psychiatry. The topic page “Psychology” also contains an article about autism, explaining autism frequencies in children of immigrants as a difference in sensory perception causing non-projecting thought, linking it to individual differences in sensory perception in autists, all within a connectionist framework. And for social transformation and future evolution, there is the topic page “Advice of ways to stop justifying”, which shows that the apparent limits to the power of thought is actually due to social pressure to justify actions! Pure science Wiki is open for anyone to read and contribute to.

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