The Simple Complex

August 20, 2009 | Leave a Comment

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There are spiritual paths for which an economy of language, myth and metaphor are highly valued.  Often a heavy emphasis is placed on practice and community.  A result is lives lived with attention or awareness, respect and often compassion.

I have this compulsion to take patterns evident in one discipline or community and then seeing if it carries forward to another, not so contiguous area.  Right now I’m wondering if you can have the equivalent of a wordless science, an academic discipline with an almost Zen-like attention to that which is best expressed without language.

This sounds like mathematics.  Perhaps it is.

Science and spirituality are feeling closely tied these days.  I have been tracing back human split consciousness to the primary process, nonsplit consciousness of the ancient aboriginal, then going back further to our hominid forebears, continuing back to great ape consciousness and finally beyond our great ape roots.

In the hospital yesterday I was paradoxically returned to an aboriginal sphere.  Groin arteries were healing, and my penis was observed by several nurses, doctors and practitioners while they were examining the wounds.  Of course, it didn’t matter.  My body had become the property of the community.  Tubes exited arteries and veins.  Vitals were constantly monitored.  Who I was had to do with the state of my body.  Amongst the array of high tech machinery I’d somehow become a person characterized primarily by my physical form.

Identities can shift.  Particularly when we die.  What would it take to shift how it is that we view science?  It seems to me this requires a science of awareness.

I’m particularly enamored of pattern.  Describing these patterns–I’m talking evolutionary patterns–I’ve been stuck with words.  Often I wonder how I would draw them.  Because I am a trained artist and illustrator, you’d think this would not be such a leap, but I withdraw to the convention of words.  Pictures seem so unlikely to be taken seriously.

Science papers are filled with computer generated images, charts and graphs.  They are not used to suggest but to provide exact details.  How do we describe patterns in awareness in a nonmythological context without language?

We need a science of awareness characterized by practice without a compulsion to preach, with an ability to elucidate biological and physical science patterns that transcend disciplines.

Simple, subtle, complex, transcendental.

Like mathematics without the math.


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