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Over the last year, I’ve experienced an integration of society and biology as I’ve observed the dynamic whereby neoteny and acceleration influence biological and societal evolution in identical ways.  Barriers between several disciplines have come down as I’ve seen heterochronic dynamics merge formerly separate models, interpreting endocrinological, neuropsychological, anthropological, evolutionary biological and psychological processes as a single, seamless whole.

I am not particularly smart.  I’m a slow learner and have trouble with anything involving mathematics.  I’m technologically impaired, though I have some facility with certain pieces of design software.  I do have a relatively unique relationship with my unconscious, not uncommon among artists and mystics, but perhaps unusual in someone exploring biological and social models.  I often feel like I’m being led on a treasure hunt, guided by an impish, loving unconscious.

I’m having that feeling now.

Last night, I kept waking up with an idea that seems to want to be integrated into the biological/social model that I’ve been calling “The Theory of Waves.”  The recent addition to the model, estrogen controlling the timing of ontogeny, has been compelling me to turn my attention to physics.

Somehow, a part of me is convinced that physicist’s insights regarding the relative nature of time has something to do with the role that estrogen plays in controlling the timing of ontogeny and evolution.  I’m math impaired.  It’s not clear to me what insight lingers here, but a part of me behaves convinced that there is a connection that I am capable of making.  I understand some aspects of relativity theory, though not the math.  Perhaps this has something to do with two different people experiencing time differently and two different people experiencing consciousness differently.

If my estimations are correct that testosterone and estrogen control the rate and timing of maturation, then the degree of split consciousness evidenced by the autistic at one end (no split consciousness) and many schizophrenics at the other (extreme split consciousness) may be examples of relativity in human experiences of time.  Who we are as individuals may have an enormous amount to do with where we are in this spectrum of time or self awareness.  In other words, in just the way that a physicist observes relativity in time regarding its relationship with relative speed, there is this alternative or complementary way to approach relativity in time having to do with degrees of cerebral lateralization and the relative speed of communication between the hemispheres.

In other words, just as time adjusts to relative speed in physics, the speed of information exchange between the two cerebral hemispheres may have no small amount to do with degrees of self awareness.  And, if my conjectures are correct, the timing of the testosterone surges that impact lateralization and corpus callosum development have a lot to with estrogen levels in the mother and the self.

There may even be equations that show specific amounts of estrogen and testosterone conducive to particular degrees of lateralization and corpus callosum development.  I suspect adjustments would be a very bad idea, a little bit like taking off at the speed of light and returning home to discover that everyone you knew had passed away.  Because each individual exhibits features balanced by the features of individuals in society at large, our unique, societal-balanced polymorphism, selecting specific adult features by adjusting natal and infant hormone levels would inevitably result in a corrupted balance with serious consequences.

In just the ways that a physicist’s work resulted in the bomb, understanding how the timing of maturation results in specific degrees of consciousness offers possibility for deep mischief as we seek to leverage an ability to adjust our sense of time.

There is no difference between consciousness and relative sense of time.  There is no such thing as god as we have been taught to understand god.  There is only consciousness.  Time and consciousness are related.  As we become aware of time as relative, identity shifts and we become more than we thought we were.  Understanding how split consciousness is created, how time originates, we understand the biological/social source of what we formerly titled god.


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  1. Ani Ma on February 21, 2010 1:57 am

    this is crazy! i’ve been thinking about this for a while and i”m so glad I’m not alone! I finally formed a theory and decided to start my research. I typed in “lateralization of time-conscoiousness” and your article showed up!
    I want to conduct some sort of a study between right and left predominant people and somehow measure “time consciousness” for my thesis. since i read this, i feel there”s a chance i can find some studies on the topic. if you have any leads, please share :)
    what you’re suggesting seems to support CG Jung’s Anima/animus thory, as well.
    …I totally agree with your last paragraph.
    thank you!

  2. Andrew on February 21, 2010 8:34 am

    There is a fairly deep literature stemming from the work of Geschwind and Galaburda in the 1980s that explores the effects of varying degrees of cerebral lateralization. I believe the original hypothesis was incorrect but it directly implied a lot of what I work with, and inspired to some degree the work of Marian Annett, a neuropsychologist who you should explore.

    Autism expert Simon Baron-Cohen is also coming close to some of these issue, though he has not been exploring the ramifications noted above.

    The issue? Animals or hominids are not presupposed to be conscious, conscious in the way that we are conscious when asleep or dreaming. If that were the case, human split consciousness or awake consciousness could be explored as a variation of an established paradigm.

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