Orchestral Theory

November 3, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Category: Biology

Rate and timing may be the foundation concepts that tie together the many scales of experience.  Assigning testosterone to rate and estrogen to timing may serve to explain how evolution and societal transformation unfold.  The nineteenth and early twentieth century attention to four-fold parallelisms–biology, society, ontogeny and personal experience–may all be testosterone and estrogen informed via the engine of heterochronic theory.

I came to these studies originally by offering attention to the possibility that human evolution was driven by women’s choices.  With the recent revelation that estrogen may control the timing of maturation rates, it becomes possible that biological evolution in general may be built upon a foundation of testosterone controlling rate and estrogen managing timing.

I’d prefer to call this orchestral evolution rather than heterochronic theory, noting the power of estrogen, in the position of conductor, to control the timing of the unfolding of the production.

A question that has crossed my mind is:  If rate and timing are the foundation principles, and testosterone and estrogen are the particular ways these principles have manifested at the scales of evolution closest to the levels at which we identify, then what might be the levers of influence at other scales of existence?

For example, how does orchestral evolution operate at the cosmic and molecular levels?  What might manage the rate and timing at their scales?  If estrogen and testosterone have such huge influence on at least four scales, then we might surmise that the rate and timing dynamics at other scales may cover several scales at one time.  We might also hypothesize that there could be overlap or an integration of two different rate/timing dynamics at contiguous levels.

For example, let’s say that the velocity of the expanding universe is controlled by a particular variable.  Velocity evidently varies.  That would be our equivalent of testosterone.  Managing the timing of velocity variations would be our equivalent of estrogen.  We might expect, based upon what occurs at the biology/society/ontogeny/biography scale, that what is controlling the rate and timing of the expanding universe influences our universe at other scales.  Information providing pathways to answers might be evident in the way solar systems form or even in how our planet balances the biosphere.

Are there forces that seem to manage the rate and timing of molecular activity?  Because macro and micro seem to so often intersect, could the same rate and timing forces be operating at both the cosmic and atomic levels?  Is there a macro/micro, yang and yin, testosterone/estrogen concomitant?

Many of the spiritual symbols of existence dynamics–the cross, the Star of David, the yin and yang–have two pieces superimposed so that symmetry results.  If evolution can be condensed down to the relationship of the rate and timing of maturation, then perhaps the universe can be understood in a simple fashion.


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