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Category: Auto-Biography

I’ve been experiencing some frustration communicating difficult-to-explain concepts and experiences.

In just the way that a musician-songwriter writes and composes pieces that describe his or her experiences, the theorist seeks ways to make embraceable ideas that feel foreign at first exposure.  I heard Paul Simon describe his having left Bridge Over Troubled Water in a drawer for over half a year, unaware that the piece could be effective.  It finally crossed his mind that the lead voice didn’t have to be his own, but Garfunkel’s, and the composition clicked.

I’m trying to cross that bridge that achieves the goal of describing a holistic theory in a way that the audience experiences the theory as a whole.  I adore blog format, the over-time narrative, with its small chunk introduction of concepts.  It makes possible an experience of the audience accompanying me, the theorist, as ideas emerge and are expressed.  By accompanying me on this bread crumb journey, the visitor to these pages may sometimes experience the “Aha!” that the author feels.  This is wonderful.  This is one of the things that makes this medium special.

Nevertheless, it seems to often feel to the visitor that there are many ideas that are not necessarily related because it is not clear how they flow together.  Waters are choppy.

But, unless the visitor starts at the first entry, in April 2008, and spends hours reading entry by entry over 600 contributions, in succession, in relatively few sittings, the holistic nature of the theory will not likely emerge.  Even following that path, one may find that a synthesis experience seems difficult.  I am engaged in a curious process that is using a time-punctuated narrative medium to describe evolutionary insights grounded upon time-transcending, simultaneous, multiscale interconnections.  I am redefining evolution as a process characterized by the observation of maturation at many scales, which requires an ability to at least conceptually temporarily abandon narrative time.  Or, perhaps it is being able to identify with several narrative time scales at the same time (biology, society, ontogeny, personal identity) while aware of how they all converge in a non-narrative now.

So, I’m wrestling with ways to express the concepts in larger, gestalt-like presentations.  Creative Commons offers an ability for creators to share their art with no copyright encumbrances.  This creates an opportunity for the art to transform and grow.  What better way to share a work on evolution.  So, all words that I’ve composed on this blog are freely available for whatever use visitors would like to put them.  Find ways to make things make sense, cut and paste the concepts, adjust and delete, add on what feels right.  Integrate this stuff with what you’ve made yourself or discovered on other sites.  I’ll link to what you’ve created.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to rearrange the pieces of some of these over 600 entries into different, larger works that seek to communicate the nature of this whole.  I’m sampling sections of my work, inserting excerpts from sources I cite, creating works of art on evolution.  I’m learning to steal from myself.

Steal from me.  It feels good.  It feels like an excellent way to cross troubled waters.


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