Another Dream

February 1, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Category: Art, Auto-Biography

Last night was another one of those nights where I dreamt evolutionary theory all night long.  It was the same thing over and over.  My dreams were outlining a sequence of processes involving estrogen and testosterone influencing behavior and physical features in progeny.  Estrogen and testosterone were impacting children when those hormone levels changed in parents, influencing the parents’ daily life in numerous ways.

In the dreams, I wasn’t observing the situations as much as I was writing descriptions of the process, pathways of influence.  Occasionally I’d see something from an auto window while the car was moving, as if what I was seeing was an example of what I was seeking to describe.  Getting the text right and the sequences correct seemed the main focus of the dreams.  The main communication seemed to be that humans are heavily impacted by events in their lives.  The environment informs our experience, changing not only ourselves but our children.

This operated at three scales.  I awoke unclear what those scales were, though while dreaming I had understood.

A big issue in the dream was that these things were easily explainable.  A main focus was on communicating the principles in a way that they were easy to understand.

Shortly after I awoke, it struck me that there are three things that I am seeking to communicate in my work.  1) There is the theory itself.  2) There is the power and usefulness of my engaging in the distribution of the theory through the Internet, not academic conventions, making my theory an advocate of the new horizontal, barrier-free milieu.  3) Last, there is my sharing of the process of the theory formation in blog, narrative format, providing a window into how exactly the theory comes together.  In other words, I don’t only seek to share insights or what the theory is that has been formed.  I also seek to offer a transparency that allows a communicating of theory-formation process, providing not just the results of the process, but access to how the process is engaged in.  A theory about human evolution and the origin of human split consciousness usefully offers access to the split consciousness hypothesized to exist.

This, of course, assumes that I am part of a process with a result that is beautiful and/or useful.  I’ve hypothesized many interconnected, hypothetically useful theories or models under the umbrella of this Orchestral Theory of Evolution, all in the context of my being an amateur.  I am a trained artist by profession.  That contextualizes these productions as a work of art.  This relieves me of competing with practitioners of science, which would leave me open to being evaluated by their rules.  Not that my work is much noticed by the practitioners of science.  Nevertheless, as an amateur, I fail the academic requirement that practitioners make no claims without being above reproach.  I frequently posit hypotheses, using intuition and information, and then I run “as if” frames, or I assume those hypotheses are true so that I can explore the implications.  Then, I explore the implications of the implications.  I do this without conducting experiments or running studies.  This is not particularly good science, though there are similarities to abstract physics.

As an artist, I can indulge.  As an artist, I can consider the content of my dreams to be very important.  I believe that there is nothing that I know that wasn’t unconscious first.

The main focus of the dream last night was that what I write should be simple and understandable.  I will continue to pursue that goal.


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