It happens that while I am deep into composing text describing evolutionary theory, I’ll get an idea having to do with creating or adjusting online website programming designed to enhance communications among social change organizations.

There is the actual idea and there is my awareness of the context of the idea generation.  Then, there is my awareness of the context’s context.  One of the interesting repercussions of theorizing about the origins of consciousness is a frequent shift of position to being aware of how I am aware.

Back to the idea.  It struck me that our PJEP network of almost 1,500 organizations spread across 50 states has little ability to effortlessly proliferate a local action, petition, boycott, eletter or fundraiser campaign across state lines without someone having to cajole, encourage or harangue an ally or potential ally, who could then take that action or campaign and post it in a different state network.  Negotiation accompanies almost every attempt to forge an alliance if there is text involved.  Most organizations have few contacts outside their immediate town or region and so don’t even start the process.

The idea was to simply allow the banding together of different local organizations, or chapters of nationwide organizations, in organizational alliances that would authorize a member of an organization to post an action or campaign for all participating organizations, at one time, across all participating states.  Once an action or campaign were posted, the members of any local organization could adjust the language of the action or campaign to their local liking or choose to remove themselves from that particular project.

I’m seeking to enhance a seamless proliferation of social change interventions across the country, encouraging relationships, empowering individuals, providing an opportunity for an idea emerging anywhere to have access to the resources to make its fulfillment possible.

Studying how quickly evolution operates through the extraordinary ability of natural systems to respond to information by adjusting the structure of individuals and societies, I’m seeking to program into our social change online applications an ability for small local organizations to easily share information and impact allies, thus creating opportunities for large shifts quickly.

Pieces of this particular idea have bounced around my head and been discussed by Dave, Laurel, Marcia and I for over a year, but it has never felt particularly compelling.  Then, twice this week, Marcia and I were in discussion with national or international organizations working for peace that were having trouble integrating existing chapters.  In one case, a large national organization was disintegrating, for several reasons, and not the least of all was the ineffectiveness of their communications infrastructure, based mostly on one-to-many communications.

So, it’s feeling like it is time to integrate this new programming protocol.


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