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Integrating Comics with Evolutionary Theory

March 8, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Category: Auto-Biography

I’m considering mating image with text in the book-length piece I’m posting, Evolution, Autism and Social Change.  I thought I’d lost or given away the more than 100 comic art pieces I’d assigned color to back in 1999.  I just found them this morning, beneath a pile of papers, not 18 inches from the back of my head in a shelf behind me.

Some of the image/word combinations, what this culture calls comics, align themselves well with the themes and content of sections of Evolution, Autism and Social Change.  These comics were all from the early to mid-1990s, from before I disappeared in the late 1990s in studies of serpent mythology, ancient matrifocal societies and then evolutionary theory.  Some of the metaphors carry over.  I often use music, children and water images to evoke concepts, but many of the subtleties of the theory are not suggested by the comics.

I have no idea where accessible original digital files are, and they are now 11 years old.  Locked inside of jazz discs are most of the images, but jazz discs are just about inaccessible these days.  My discs are corrupted by a common defect that makes retrieval almost impossible.  I may have to recolor and redraw many of these pieces if I go in this direction.

I sold many of these images to an early Internet greeting card firm.  I think it went out of business in the year 2000.  The firm had rights to the images for five years.  Almost all the images were originally comics I’d published in various magazines, newsprint monthlies and quarterlies through the 90s.  Whereas in 1990 my work was mostly funny, or trying to be funny, by 1995 it was mostly social commentary or provocative art.  Early in the 1990s, a piece might have appeared in 25 publications.  By 1995, two or three publishers might have picked a comic up.  In 1996, I stopped doing the comics and started an illustrated book on dragons that evolved into the theorizing that I’m now considering appropriate for these comics to accompany.

So, this is going to take some mental wrestling, combining media, deciding what to use and considering propelling myself back into the visual arts.  I need to ponder the need to create some new comic work to accompany the chapters or sections in Evolution, Autism and Social Change that don’t have work from 15 years ago that complement what is being said.

It’s not clear to me at this point where this is going.


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