Aneurysm doubling in size in less than a year. (CC image by DelosJ)

Aneurysm Again

April 4, 2010 | 3 Comments

Category: Auto-Biography

The doctor ran tests. The aneurysm is growing. It’s twice the size it was a year ago.

I see the neurologist this afternoon to get details. From there, I connect again with the surgeon that explored my brain from inside my veins last summer. After those explorations he suggested I have direct surgery from the side of my head, as opposed to the planting of channeling devices through my blood vessels.

It looks like the question will be when will the operation happen.

Today is April 2. My book, Evolution, Autism and Social Change, posted for download and purchase yesterday. I’m a little confused about the timing of the online marketing schemes I’ve been designing. It is deeply odd that the book released yesterday, the same day I discovered the aneurysm was growing requiring intervention.

This week of book release and aneurysm Marcia has been in St. Louis taking care of grandson Nils while the usually day care person, his other grandmother, is gone this week. Marcia is leaving St. Louis early, coming back up to Evanston today (Friday) to accompany me to the neurologist appointment. This is good. This has been a deeply weird week. Accompanied by Marcia I’ll feel better. Though I’ve been running my meditation mantra much of the time, and am particularly awed by the very early spring with leaves coming out on trees weeks early, the anxiety I was feeling before the aneurysm diagnosis, related to the book becoming available, has now been joined by the medical issues. Both things are contributing to a roller coaster of emotions that include anxiety, reverence, fear, appreciation, and more fear.

I wonder what other odd or unexpected things will emerge from this brain operation.


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  1. sarah boardman-miller on April 4, 2010 11:01 pm

    you are loved and we are thinking of you.

  2. Marci(a) McCall on April 5, 2010 8:01 pm

    your blog and your thoughts are an important part of my life. as i work in neurology, i frequently ponder the significance and meaning of life with neurologically impaired brain functions. you seem to have neurologically enhanced brain function, although perhaps a potentially fatal aneurysm. there are lessons of life to be learned in this experience. i wish you courage and compassion. you are an inspiration.

  3. Billy T. Zeitler on June 5, 2010 3:37 am

    …For what I love my family loves…with that our prayers are with you and your family in your health and in your adventure for truth…I recieved a breath of fresh air by the assurance (via internet or not) that I could never truely be alone…By grace I had a college level general education by sixth grade…by grace I mean our teacher at that time was a teacher from the fourties and fifties…bless her…though by visual appearance one would never consider trading theories with me on we lei (quantum physics) or the history on the synergy between myth and language (Robert Graves)…Temple Grandin introduced me to neoteny (my godson and I both have Asbergers indirectly his name is William and I am Billy by birth) and in that moment I remembered all the times in my traing of dogs I found deeper connectivity with half breed wolves than dogs stunted, so to say, in full grown adulthood…though now I am a proud owner of a pure bred rat terrior…I live now in small towns in WI though have tasted the concrete beast named City and Metopolis…I guess if enviornment dictates the needs then I guess I need to be by lakes and trees…climbing to the nest of a bald eagle with her yards away and not showing any aggression to rid me of my obtrusive presence is an experience I find few to share…Please forgive me but it’s just novel to feel understood and not that cliched strange one in the clique (small town)…I have long theorized on the “neoteny” in humans and up until now am I able to some-what gather together a language to describe these pictures I have accumalted in my rather young life of twenty-six years…I look forward to advancing based upon the seedlings and soil from where you now stand…Being that I’ve matured and grown from the now extinct family farms deeply rooted with the Amish and Meninite cultures and missing the predictable chaos that is of the city life…both environments I find the only difficulty IS the simplicity that is of either or…inattentionally I quote the Tao Te Ching…being what has been called a “Born Leader” I find it better to lead from the last in the line…concidering in fact that no matter how I try to deny that leadership role (which in truth is frightening) I find myself none-the-less quickly advancing upward with any job I take (dispite prior knowledge of field) or when accidents happen and mortality hangs in balance taking charge and directing those around given duties only to have EMT’s request continued support til they reach the ER…I hope you can excuse the babble I’m emitting…but as you said (as I understand) it’s like the removal of an abcessed tooth…a word release to another mind that may or may not agree yet still emotionally connect with, which I find becoming a rarity so greatly coveted yet swallowed by the advent of technology as is…In the realm of knowledge I have a G.E.D. and yet no further institutional credentials to claim…I find accumulted knowledge which grants that paper of credit burns quicker than the paper itself…Thank you for your time and to prevent any further babbling (my brother will take that as a joke for I suppose I may go on for a very long time)…In’Lakech…Mayan greeting meaning “I am another you”…only feels right in western culture to express toward the end…Lastly: I feel as if you would be considered as being a “Bodhisattva” meaning: “enlightened enough to leave behind” yet stay to teach and show…with that I must go…and so I leave with directions for connectivity…billyzeitler@yahoo.com…if by chance you or any of your readers desire to share (headline NEOTENY guarantees reception)…In’Lakeck and blessed be…

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